Libraries of “objects” are essential to BIM designing. Inside these libraries all the geometric, dimensional and performance features are located. The libraries used in BIM are called “families”.

Families need to have specific features to be completely useful to the users :

  • Enabling a realistic representation of the object, in accordance with the original form and dimensions
  • Containing information about the used materials
  • Respecting the existing differences between different models of the equipment, according to the provider’s catalogue
  • Allowing the correct positioning of the object inside the project, in accordance with the reference plan and hosting
  • Allowing the correct connection of the object to the mechanical systems, thanks to effective routing mechanisms
  • Interacting with the set of installations and exchanging with them the functional parameters (flowrate, pressure, power, etc.)
  • Automatically adapting the value of the functional parameters according to the typology of the device and the conditions of use
  • Allowing a link to the installation and maintenance datasheets 

RL BIM SPECIALIST realizes families on behalf of third parties for several types of devices. The families include all the company details and automatically adapt the value of the functional parameters, recalculating them. In this way the designer can avoid using the datasheets, since the family guides him into the choice of selection saving him the necessity of correcting the performance features through diagrams and schedules.