BIM Design is not to be considered as a simple 3D rendering of a project. The buildings and the set of intstallations have to be correctly modelled in every single aspect, not only graphics, but especially the quality and performance one. The “objects” need to include all the information necessary to the various phases of the project : realization, management, maintenance.

BIM Design means:

  • Identify all the components of the installation and structural set
  • Establish the information necessary to attach to every single object, correctly defining the number, type and values of the parameters
  • Predict all the interations between the elements of the same and different disciplines
  • Find and correct the clashes before the construction site even begins
  • Control and manage the realization and development phases

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, RL BIM SPECIALIST has developed a proven structure able to satisfy every single aspect described above.

RL BIM SPECIALIST,  leader in the design of mechanical installations, has built and implemented relationships with all the other disciplines of construction (architectural, structural, environment..) so that it is able to manage a 360 degree project